Whats for Breakfast? Celal!

Addie with a headache

Uncle Clarky's enjoying time with Adelynn and Sarah again- this time it's breakfast- and he brought Lucky Charms along for these two luck charms to enjoy!—Only eating "cewill" has its consequences."  Enjoy breakfast time with Addie and Sarah! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_L3Et7MEJE Continue Reading

Too Good to Share

Too Good To Share

The Marshmallow lovers are back! Older and wiser but still thoroughly enjoying a good marshmallow now and then!! (After "hepfy foood" - which mom says is fruits and vegetables and whole grains but they say is their favorite "cereal and juice".) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdgVyjnpd3M These girls get along soooo well!!!! (As you can see a little of in this video my brother took.) But we Continue Reading

A Birthday Celebration Above Fine Gold

Kate Hoffman

Kate’s Quinceañera!!  15!!  It is a time to celebrate beautiful, young womanhood and that precious time to prepare for the woman she wants to be and the life she wants to have!!! For Kate we chose a white dress to symbolize the meaning of her name, our wishes for her as a woman, and her preparation for entering the temple in these next years.  We chose a crown to recognize and symbolize who she Continue Reading

The Bread of Life

Addie and Sarah helping mom make bread!

(written Tuesday, posted Saturday - what a GREAT WEEK it's been after feasting on delicious Bread!) Who knew that we would find such a surprisingly peaceful weekend after such a busy 100 days? (Only fitting that we should be recognizing Martin Luther King, Jr. for bringing better peace too.  Thankful for good people everywhere that make such great differences for good.) I woke up and felt Continue Reading

Our Forty Days

Hoffmans with niece playing Alice in Wonderland!

40 days... The amount of time it rained for Noah and his ark, the amount of time Jonah preached to Ninevah, the amount of days Christ fasted before he began his ministry... A preparation, a period of trial, a testing of faith, a time of intensely hard work and the sincerest effort... The amount of time we feel increased pressure, demands, hardships, and happiness – all escalating to the 40th Continue Reading

It’s a brand New Year!


Our daughter, Anna, who is currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, posted this yesterday. It's so along my own thoughts for the New Year that I wanted to share her words here:  "IT'S A BRAND NEW YEAR! And because of Jesus Christ, today can be a brand new start. Everyone makes mistakes, but through His power, all those things we wish we could take back Continue Reading